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Your Mobile Site

According to a study by Neilson, mobile Internet usage is growing 30% every year. It is expected that there will be 134 million mobile web users in the United States alone, up from 73.7 million mobile web users in 2009. This year, the majority of Internet viewing will be from mobile devices compared to PC’s.


Web sites were designed for the large screens of computers or laptops. Mobile devices, even those with large screens like an Iphone makes it very difficult to browse and surf most web sites. And some web site programming languages, including Flash can’t be viewed on some mobile device operating systems. That means that important messaging, even navigation, may not work for many web sites.

Here are some statistics:

1. Google has a separate index for mobile content meaning if you don’t have a mobile web site, you’re missing out. Ranking on mobile is easier because Google has a much smaller index of content under mobile, as this segment is still in its infancy. Therefore, if businesses get a mobile site today, they stand a very good chance of being highly ranked.

2. One out of every five Americans is on the mobile web every day. As the percentage of mobile web users increases rapidly, businesses should not miss the opportunity to capture this audience and preempt the competition.

3. 20% of all U.S. households are now “mobile-only”.
With these statistics, it is a foregone conclusion that the mobile web will overtake the desktop. In the near future, most of the visitors to a website will be through mobile. Mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android have revolutionized web surfing, enhanced the experience dramatically, and continue to drive more consumers to use mobile devices for browsing the Internet.

4. Studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are overall horrible when it comes to viewing and navigating regular websites.

Websites that have not been optimized for mobile viewing are too cluttered and negatively impact the visitor’s ability to locate information.

5. Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a computer screen instead of a mobile device. This means that most regular websites are not compatible with mobile devices.

To deal with this challenge, Adlar can connect your business to today’s business mobile trends.

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